Online slots rigging

  • Monday, Jul 26, 2021

Many gamblers think their slots are rigged. They are wrong in thinking this way. However, read this guide for greater clarity.

Are licenced casinos safe?

All slots of licenced casinos are safe and can't be rigged. These casinos must follow certain rules meant for player safety.

Who licences casinos?

Your online casino receives its gambling licence from your state or central government. In Canada, licensing is done by the state government.

Locating licensing information

Scroll down the homepage and locate the required information. If you can't see it, email your operator and request for the licencing information.

  • Licencing information includes licence number, date of issue, etc.

Are online slots fair?

If your slot is run by a Random Number Generator, it means the former is fair. An RNG is a virtual computer.

You can't hack this computer because it is made up of several complex computer programs. Besides, this machine is monitored by auditors.

Who are these auditors?

These third party auditors , such as eCogra, do their job professionally, and are trusted by millions of gamblers worldwide. Continue reading this guide.

Seal of approval

If your slot is eCogra approved, you will see a seal of approval on the homepage. In Canada, approval is done by other bodies.

  • Trust only those casinos that have this seal of approval.

Know your game

It's also important to know your game before laying your first bet. If you don't understand your slot, you will keep losing your game.

Return to Player

Many newbies always lose their games because they don't know or understand the meaning of Return to Player percentage. What is RTP?

Meaning of RTP

RTP indicates the profitability of any slot. If a game has an RTP of 98%, it means you may recover 98% of your investment.

However, some slots have low as well as high RTPs. This helps newbies in taking advantage of high RTP slots at a low cost.

What is slot volatility?

If you are losing/ winning money on your slot for a long tie, it means you are playing on a highly volatile slot.

You can find your game's variance by reading up its description on the casino website. You see, most casinos are transparent about their slots.

  • All this goes to show that slots on licenced casinos can't be rigged.

If you still have any doubts about your slot, you can approach an independent arbitrator. Most online casinos work with third party mediators.

What is the conclusion?

While slots from unlicensed casinos can't be trusted, those from approved gambling sites are fair and trustworthy. These games run without any human intervention.

Online slots from licenced sites are run with Random Number Generators that are actually virtual computers. Manipulating these virtual machines is almost impossible.

However, please gamble carefully on your slots. Don't wager money while using public Wi-Fi. You should also not gamble while being drunk.